The Purpose of Arc Ireland

We help plant new churches across Ireland, both North and South. Our experienced team of church leaders and planters from both sides of the border are here to help you however they can and make your church the best it can be. We also want to strengthen existing churches by creating a community of leaders with a heart to reach the nation together.

So if you have it in your heart to start a church, we want to prepare you, all things “launch” so that you start with a bang, and then support you as you continue in this process to make your church truly life-giving.

Or if you are involved in leading an existing church, we want to equip you with whatever we’ve got, and connect you with other great churches and leaders in Ireland


ARC started in the USA in 2001, and since that time has planted hundreds churches across the States, whilst simultaneously strengthening countless more. We wanted to take the same principles that have worked so incredibly well there and apply them to an Irish context, from Coleraine to Cork, and so in October 2013 ARC Ireland was launched.



We want to produce churches which are characterised by the following attributes:


Christ Centered

They are biblically based and living out kingdom values as Jesus taught them. The power of the gospel is active in them and they become a transforming witness to individuals, families, communities, cities and nations.


Spiritually Healthy

They offer a life-giving expression of the Gospel. Spirit empowered, intellectually safe and full of life, health permeates all aspects of their structure, programming and life. Inspired worship services, passionate spirituality, empowering leadership, gift-based ministry, effective structures, holistic small groups, need-oriented evangelism, and loving relationships are their DNA.


Strategically Growing

They are committed to realising their maximum potential. multiplication is in their DNA. Some churches may expand their reach through multi-site growth, others through launching new churches either regionally or internationally, but all share a common passion to cultivate and facilitate kingdom expansion.


Missionally Minded

They are committed to a modern missiology – always thinking about how to better reach those outside the church. They partner with world-class missions organisations that operate through the local church, and recognise the church as God’s sustainable instrument in mission.


Culturally Attractive

They are rich in relational equity towards other churches and pastors. They value life-long friendships and believe in the interrelatedness of churches and pastors so that no one does ministry in isolation.



If this is where your heart beats, ARC Ireland is for you.