Do you relaunch existing churches?

We offer training events and support networks for existing churches, but we do not relaunch churches currently in existence.

Do I need a sponsoring church?

Yes. Every church planter is required to have a sponsoring church. The sponsoring church not only vouches for your character and calling, but will re-invest your launch funds into another church planter should your church fail and you become unable to re-invest yourself.

Can I receive funding without going through the rest of the process?

We believe that our process is build on the foundation of connection, training and assessment, all of which are arguably more important than the financial support we can help provide. Therefore we will not fund a church planter who has not first completed the previous steps.

How does church-planting finance work?

It takes big money to plant a church and when it comes to funding, we want to ensure you have the necessary resources. ARC Plants receive match-funding from ARC Ireland for between £20,000 and £40,000 in the form of a zero-interest loan.

Starting on month seven after your launch, you will begin to repay ARC at a rate of 10% of your church income. As all ARC churches pay 10%, a tithe towards missions, this amount counts as your mission money during the repayment period. Once you have repaid the funds given to you by ARC, we encourage all our churches to continue to give 2% towards ARC to help plant future churches in Ireland.