Together we can Change a Nation

We believe that we can transform Ireland by supporting one another and working as one to plant and develop life-giving churches. Whilst no one can do everything, everyone can do something, and we are convinced that by coordinating our efforts we can achieve a whole lot.



Don’t do ministry alone. Nobody should feel like they are without a family of supporting churches, and at ARC Ireland we want to invite you to join ours. You will meet like-minded leaders as we create space for people to love, support, and pray for each other.


The church is a missional entity, called to reach the world around it. We will help you to fulfil your calling as a church to change your world, and by contributing to ARC Ireland you impact more than your city, you reach all four corners of the island.


You might not have the resources to fund a national church planting movement, but at ARC we combine what we have and place it in the best possible hands. Together we reach much further and impact vastly deeper than we can on our own.


How to Join

ARC partner churches include ARC Ireland in their missions budget and give financially towards church planting on an ongoing basis, starting at any amount More importantly than just financial giving, we invite our partner churches to have a long-term relationship with the ARC family. That way, together we can equip, fund and connect life-giving churches across the island.

We ask those who would like to become a partner church or organisation to consider giving 2% of their total annual budget towards ARC Ireland. However if 2% is unaffordable, we will recognise any church as a partner which considers ARC Ireland part of their regular giving.

How we use your money

Something very important to us is that your money is used for the purpose it was given. Therefore all money given to ARC Ireland from partner churches is used in the launching of new churches. Administrative costs are covered by the churches on the ARC Ireland Lead Team, not partner churches.

If you would like to contribute to ARC Ireland as a private individual or company, rather than a church or ministry, you are also welcome to do so. Whilst we are primarily a family of churches, you are still extremely welcome to give and attend ARC events if you like!


By joining with us at Association of Related Churches Ireland, you can help reach the world with the love of God and good news of Jesus Christ. All your giving is used to plant new churches. Thank you for partnering with ARC Ireland.